dinsdag, juni 23

Suzuki gs550

Almost 17 years ago I had a motorcycle accident.
My, then, daily ride, a suzuki gs550 was in a sorry state. The aluminium tank was damaged beyond repair, and the subframe bent.

Because it never missed a beat and was pretty fast for an old 550, I decided to repair and rebuild the wreck. Anything done to it was a step foreward anyway.

It had a CB600f/r1 battery under the seat, to keep the frame triangle empty.
Now a common thing to do, but back then
something that raised quite a few eyebrows.

Then, before 'Rawcandy' the banner was B.C.R. , BC Rebuilds/Restauration/Rides
depending on the mood I was in. 

Shot with an early digital camera.

zondag, juni 21

Pancake Customs party , the day after

Last weeks run was fun.

Old school paper, and tape 'big-screen' gps-system on the tank.

Kodaks by Kay.

zaterdag, juni 20

Kill bill meets Gone in 60 seconds

She just hit the 'go baby go' button.

Underside seat.

dinsdag, juni 16

Silent grey CB500f

 The challenge was to use an uncut frame, and built a sharp looking, low-budget townsmoker.
A few people have asked me if I used lower rear shocks, but the koni shocks actually are 1 cm higher then standard.
More pics soon.

vrijdag, april 17

Fixing first test drive gremlins

It just marked it's territory...

Sting me

The company Ian works for used a motorcycle I built a few years ago in their 'Rockerbox' Advertisement campagne.  Rock on!

Daphne's Motobecane

Our friend Daphne needed a bicycle, and I had a vintage one.
She lives in the higher part of Arnhem. Which, as the Maastricht area, has some pretty steep hills compared to the rest of the Netherlands.
Going down is a blast, going up can be a nightmare.
She did want some comfort, because it was to be her everyday bicycle.  So a singlespeed or fixie was no option.
After a good clean up, a coat of paint , new chain and cables she was good to go.
Because she liked the fenderless look, she didn't even bother putting on a small fender during the winter time...  Rain or snow. Everyday transport. Pretty tough.

Daphne made these very nice pictures. 
You can check the rest of her work on:

Blast from the Past

This is Ian , when he was a lot younger.
On a moped I made when I was 17.
It was printed in a classic car/motorcycle magazine (Auto motor klassiek) years ago.
I had sold the moped a few years earlier.
Virago Seat

Maybe I should make some more pictures if I make something?

maandag, augustus 11

dinsdag, februari 25

Honda Cb400f streettracker

I thought the honda would look cooler without the font brake.  It's going to be on display in a clothing store, it won't need a front brake there, and when it's going to be driven, we'll fix it.

The color in the pictures is not spot on. In real life it's much brighter

maandag, februari 24

zondag, februari 23

zaterdag, februari 22

Nice shiny black parts.

Not the best pics, but al I've got.

More tomorrow

vrijdag, februari 21

donderdag, februari 20

woensdag, februari 19

Thanks Lenny...

'Mr Bubblevisor'  posting photo's of my,  or his, cb400 'Tiny Tracker' on his supersonic motorcycle blog,  effectively means kicking me in gear.
So, voilá, the first post of the making off...after a long absence. More pics tomorrow.

maandag, maart 12