maandag, augustus 11

CB500 café

dinsdag, februari 25

Honda Cb400f streettracker

I thought the honda would look cooler without the font brake.  It's going to be on display in a clothing store, it won't need a front brake there, and when it's going to be driven, we'll fix it.

The color in the pictures is not spot on. In real life it's much brighter

maandag, februari 24

zondag, februari 23

zaterdag, februari 22

Nice shiny black parts.

Not the best pics, but al I've got.

More tomorrow

vrijdag, februari 21

donderdag, februari 20


woensdag, februari 19

Thanks Lenny...

'Mr Bubblevisor'  posting photo's of my,  or his, cb400 'Tiny Tracker' on his supersonic motorcycle blog,  effectively means kicking me in gear.
So, voilá, the first post of the making off...after a long absence. More pics tomorrow.

maandag, maart 12

maandag, februari 20

Old racing seat getting a second life

Another seat.
Straight out of the seventies, it's seen it's fair share of battles.
As the rest of the bike has.
An old honda 500 racer, this time. It features 70's gold painted OZ 5-spoke mags, old Tickle rearsets, and a battle-scarred alloy Rickman tank.
And a pair of the common used 4-1 pipes.
I'll post more pics, as soon as I made some decent ones. Probably still this year.
A dark batcave isn't the best place to make pics.

Cut and re-sewn

vrijdag, juni 3

Seat butchering

Unfortunately, this seat turns out to be too long, behind the tank I had planned.
Enter grinder into the story; bye bye upholstery.
Ouch... Back to the sewing machine.

woensdag, juni 1


This brake-plate, 'adjusted' on a depressing Dutch winter's day, could be the deciding part on which bike it is going to be build next.
It does fit the 450.

Blog design

Yesterday BC & I updated the blog design. Inspired on the idea of the temporary design Kay made for us. We took it a step further to make it more CANDY. View for Kay’s works. Thanks mate.

BC, I would go for the Bomber project.

maandag, mei 30

Need something to ride.

Deciding on a new project after the streettracker...
This time quick'n dirty.
Is it going to be something like this?:

Or this?: