maandag, augustus 11

dinsdag, februari 25

Honda Cb400f streettracker

I thought the honda would look cooler without the font brake.  It's going to be on display in a clothing store, it won't need a front brake there, and when it's going to be driven, we'll fix it.

The color in the pictures is not spot on. In real life it's much brighter

maandag, februari 24

zondag, februari 23

zaterdag, februari 22

Nice shiny black parts.

Not the best pics, but al I've got.

More tomorrow

vrijdag, februari 21

donderdag, februari 20

woensdag, februari 19

Thanks Lenny...

'Mr Bubblevisor'  posting photo's of my,  or his, cb400 'Tiny Tracker' on his supersonic motorcycle blog,  effectively means kicking me in gear.
So, voilá, the first post of the making off...after a long absence. More pics tomorrow.