vrijdag, juni 3

Seat butchering

Unfortunately, this seat turns out to be too long, behind the tank I had planned.
Enter grinder into the story; bye bye upholstery.
Ouch... Back to the sewing machine.

woensdag, juni 1


This brake-plate, 'adjusted' on a depressing Dutch winter's day, could be the deciding part on which bike it is going to be build next.
It does fit the 450.

Blog design

Yesterday BC & I updated the blog design. Inspired on the idea of the temporary design Kay made for us. We took it a step further to make it more CANDY. View http://www.infographicmedia.nl/ for Kay’s works. Thanks mate.

BC, I would go for the Bomber project.

maandag, mei 30

Need something to ride.

Deciding on a new project after the streettracker...
This time quick'n dirty.
Is it going to be something like this?:

Or this?:

donderdag, mei 26

Big belt buckle

If you can't get enough of chrome...

More cb550 streettracker pics

CB 550 Streettracker, Ready for the urban jungle

The devil is in the details

Paint, tape, paint and more paint.

More Honda cb550 Streettracker parts

The speedo needed a new bracket, the ones that come with these meters are centered.
This aluminium bracket also saved some weight compared to the chromed steel one, probably about a staggering 8 gramms...

This pipe makes the small honda sing.

zondag, mei 22

Bubble Bike

Monsieur Bubblevisor's bike last friday, after an afternoon of tinkering, fixing some small oil leaks.

Painted frame and engine

dinsdag, mei 17

maandag, mei 16

CB550 streettracker parts

Parts, like the licenceplate/taillight bracket and ignition switch bracket are not the most striking. Nevertheless, they took a fair bit of time to make from scratch.

Going dutch

1936 Fongers bicycle

donderdag, mei 12



Seatbuilding in the Batcave

First seat version

That needed more curve...

That's more like it!