vrijdag, april 17

Fixing first test drive gremlins

It just marked it's territory...

Sting me

The company Ian works for used a motorcycle I built a few years ago in their 'Rockerbox' Advertisement campagne.  Rock on!

Daphne's Motobecane

Our friend Daphne needed a bicycle, and I had a vintage one.
She lives in the higher part of Arnhem. Which, as the Maastricht area, has some pretty steep hills compared to the rest of the Netherlands.
Going down is a blast, going up can be a nightmare.
She did want some comfort, because it was to be her everyday bicycle.  So a singlespeed or fixie was no option.
After a good clean up, a coat of paint , new chain and cables she was good to go.
Because she liked the fenderless look, she didn't even bother putting on a small fender during the winter time...  Rain or snow. Everyday transport. Pretty tough.

Daphne made these very nice pictures. 
You can check the rest of her work on:

Blast from the Past

This is Ian , when he was a lot younger.
On a moped I made when I was 17.
It was printed in a classic car/motorcycle magazine (Auto motor klassiek) years ago.
I had sold the moped a few years earlier.
Virago Seat

Maybe I should make some more pictures if I make something?