donderdag, juli 29

Kay's Gold Nugget 2.0

The above pictured Honda cb750F2 ,was first built 2 years ago.
After some teething problems with the first version (bent frame, bad tires, nasty shocks, and a fuel tank that, despite being sealed, melted) this is the uprated 2.0 version.

New tires, a non-leaking fuel tank, a freshly powder coated straight frame, Koni adjustable rear shocks,a heat shield for the oil tank and a speedo make the Gold nugget much easier to live with in the crowded streets of Amsterdam.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Zag wat foto's van jullie laatste project de CB550 op bubblevisor. De motor ziet er echt super uit. Misschien wat pics plaatsen op jullie blog van de bouw, en het eindresultaat?